2017/2018 Registration Procedure

Registration of new students for the 2017/2018 session is in progress. Students are enjoined to follow the following simple steps to register:

1. Admitted candidates should first pay acceptance fee and present the filled acceptance letter for screening.

2. Collect original admission letter, two files and username & password from the screening desk.

3. Locate our online registration portal here.

4. Use the username and password to log into your account. You’ll be prompted to change your password at this point.

5. Upload your scanned signature and update your religion.

6. Click on Fee Payment item on the user menu.

7. A Remita invoice containing total amount payable as registration fee will be generated.

8. Use any of the available payment channels to pay the generated invoice.

9. Return to the portal and register courses for your level. You’re advised to get the list of the registrable courses from your department.

10. You’ll be allocated a unique registration number at this point. This number will be your identification tag throughout your stay in the college.

11. Download and print the courses registration form (CRF), student’s information form (SIF) and payment receipt.

12. Make copies of the printed documents, application form, acceptance letter, medical certificate, passport sized photograph and your credentials. Update your two files with these documents and submit one each to your department and registry.

13. If you follow the steps above, your registration is complete.

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