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About the College

The College started in 1975 as a school of Food Storage Technology with the training of staff of product inspection division of states’ ministries of agriculture of the then Northern States in pest control and food chemistry. Later the training was expanded to include all aspects of food storage.

In 1990 the students’ intake was expanded to include staff of agriculture departments of local governments. This greatly increased the number of persons benefitting from the training. Over the years the College has trained over 2000 students from all over the Country. Due to the success achieved by the school in its certificate training programme, in 2003 the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural development approved the upgrading of the school into a diploma awarding institution.

The institution was named Federal College of Produce  Inspection and Stored Products Technology, Kano which was later changed to Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Kano.

The College formally took off in 2008 with four programmes namely Food Technology, Agricultural Technology, Pre-ND and Remedial.

The College has since added new programmes most of which have been accredited by NBTE, Academic programme accreditation body of the Federal Government.